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Watch The Greatest Sleep Joe Biden Memes and Gaffs

Watch Sleepy Joe Fall Asleep During Hillary Clinton Endorsement Live On Air

Sleepy Joe Biden really lived up to his nickname during this on air HRC endorsement. Watch:




Trump BLASTS Fox News! Demands an Alternative Cable News Network Be Created!

Trump went on a Twitter rampage against fake news today, Sunday, April 26th. And his target was Fox News. He are some of his rage tweets about Fox.


Do you think Fox News is becoming too liberal as well?

Judicial Watch: Did Homeland Security Create Fake Detention Centers at the US/Mexico Border?

Judicial Watch Report: $66 Mil, Federal Agents, National Guard Wasted on 2,500-Bed Camp That Averaged 30 Immigrants

Against the advice of frontline agents, the federal government opened a temporary immigration detention facility that was barely used and cost a ghastly $66 million to operate for just five months. During that time the tent encampment situated in a rural west Texas community near the Mexican border housed an average of just 30 detainees, according to a scathing federal audit that blasts the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for the waste. Though it has a 2,500-person capacity, the facility never held more than 66 illegal aliens on any given day, investigators from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found.

Not only did Customs and Border Protection (CBP) pay a private contractor tens of millions of dollars in facility costs, it spent “about $5.3 million for food services—the preparation and delivery of meals and snacks—it did not need,” the congressional probe reveals. In an enraging example, investigators write that, during the first three months, the government paid for about 675,000 meals despite ordering only 13,428 because there were not enough detainees. The U.S. also “leveraged significant federal personnel resources” that added up to an additional $6.7 million. Continue Reading. 

WATCH: Trump Releases Brutal “Let Them Eat Ice Cream” Campaign Video Targeting Nancy Pelosi

MIT Scientist Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai Exposes Big Pharma’s Plandemic

MIT scientist Dr. Shiva Ayyadural exposes big pharma’s manufactured pandemic in grave detail.

Alexa Glitches and Admits The Pandemic is BS!!! (VIDEO)

Must Watch: Viral Interview Doctor Buttar Exposes This Plandemic Fraud!

Trump Shows The Media a Video Of Their Own Reporting Failures During Press Briefing

ICYMI: The Trump smack down everyone is buzzing about.

Posted by Breitbart on Monday, April 13, 2020

FREAKY! The Covid 5G Virus Conspiracy Theory (VIDEO)

I’m not saying this conspiracy theory has any merit, but this video is certainly a bit freaky.