The reason for this blog is because of an encounter that I had with a high up member of a News Outlet. He overheard me telling a friend that I was starting a News Blog. The emphasis was on the corrupt News Media. I noticed he moved his chair closer to me and was listening to my conversation. After my friend left, he approached me and said that what I was doing was a good idea. He shocked me when he told me why it was a good idea. He said that there were Trump supporters in the media that can’t speak up for fear of being fired. He said there were so many untold stories that are squashed because of their bias. I asked him why they did not confidentially go to Fox News with the stories? I was shocked when he told me that Fox News has informants that tell them everything that goes on, meaning it word would get back to his network. One key thing he said is that all the mainstream networks work together, which is easy to understand because they all say the exact same thing. One interesting comment was that they alternate Fake News Stories. Their philosophy is that when someone hears a story, but doesn’t hear the retraction, they win. He said they have figures that show that only 15% of the viewers hear the retraction. I have developed a relationship with him, meeting in different cities and have heard recordings that will blow you away. My plan is to put this information out 3 months before the election. It will show you the corruption within the News Media.