What you won’t hear on Main Stream Media

What you want here on Main Stream Media.

True facts: Based on census Bureau data and combines it with fiscal estimates from the National Academies of Science for immigrants by education level at arrival.  More than half of illegal border crossers not even graduated high school.  Persons with lower levels of education generally earn modest wages, make modest tax contributions, and create significate fiscal costs.

Based on their education, the average net drain (taxes paid minus services used) of illegal crossers is about $75,000 during their lifetime, excluding costs for their children.  Each 100,000 illegal immigrants stopped at the border saves taxpayers $7.5 billion at all levels of government.  The cost includes things like non-cash welfare, emergency medical care, policing and infrastructure maintenance.

Many illegal immigrants overstay temporary visa does not change the fact that in 2007 over 300,000 people were apprehended at the southern border.  Analyses has estimated 170,000 illegal immigrants successfully cross the border annually. My point: Stopping even a modest share of illegals over the next decade could offset the cost of a wall.

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