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The reason for THE DEPLORABLE NEWS is to connect with the unrepresented population in America. If you turn on the main Stream News, which includes news networks such as CNN and MSNBC, you will not have a chance of being represented. On Fox News, you might have a better chance—however, this network just represents the far right or the far left, and no one in the middle. They tell viewers—here is the response of both sides, but they don’t really represent anyone in the middle.

This is the reason for our “ASK A QUESTION” section. Email us a question that you would like to ask, and we will try to get the question answered. I believe that all News is about theater, stirring up people for ratings. I also believe that news people think that they know what is best for the American people and look down on the general population. CNN, for example, has said numerous times that the news is the 4th branch of the government. How arrogant! Now we have four Branches that don’t work.

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